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 The Clan Log

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PostSubject: The Clan Log   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:54 pm

A place where I will post all parts of anything important that may happen.
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Posts : 7
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PostSubject: Re: The Clan Log   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:58 pm

I did write some previous entries, but I had a corrupted file, so it didn't save
However, today I must post the overview of our Meeting we had.

July 3rd 3:09
Members included: Agarrett, Pikimon, Cesar123 Blueman Awoken Waterpicker
Meeting was started.
5 people love cheese.
It is official we all love cheese.
Waterpicker is playing runescape.
Waterpicker did not vote for cheese

Blueman and Agarrett argue about Workers rights.

Agarrett states Workers are allowed to own what is not inside city boundaries

We talk about how trees will be distributed: People take trees from a designated area, and store saplings in a chest. Array Objects To this, and he should run the trees.

We argue about trash dumps.

Waterpicker doesn’t quite know how the game works.

We argue about Barbarians and Griefers.

We approach the deadly subject: Clan popularity.
Agarrett basiacly says
“Everyone here is requested to get an account on our new forums…And to post more than our original thread.” Agarrett also feels lonely. He is sad To find everyone but me and him post on the forums.
Pikimon is being an idiot. I want to /slap him really bad Smile

Agarrett asks us what we envision the clan to be
I say A place where all can be safe and live well without fear from the authorities, as long as they follow our fair and common ssence rules.
Awoken wants it to be a proper, cooperative clan, running naturally like a nation
Pikimon is saying a place where ideas and architecture are free and the strong shall not harm the week.
Waterpicker is afk I think. He wants to modernize the clan
Cesar was afk pretty much the whole time I think. But he wants a place where the rich help the poor and people have fun
Awoken left randomly; probably his cpu messed up
Agarrett Wants it to be big and great; As big as several cities on a server, in which a good ruler is running a place where people have fun, complain a bit to help run the place better, and have fair justice.
We will be having more meetings in the future!
Meeting adjurned
3:43 pm
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The Clan Log
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